Cyber Monday

The day that gives the lie that buying screens is more important than eating properly, exercising (rather than sedentary lifestyles with junk food), live in-person physical presence with others, being in touch with oneself and what one really thinks and knows, history, the past, the best of Western civilization past tense, real gifts of self and others, Nature, sick and dying health care and education systems, etc.

Imagine. Our priority of the day is to get out there and buy more e-junk that will be obsolete as soon as it is purchased, pouring money neverendingly into a great black e-hole to keep computer companies running, just so we can say we’re ‘with it’ and have the latest limited gadget to obsess over and pour our hearts and souls into, as if these e-media tools were the be-all and end-all of our limited lives and Western civilization.

Superficial, mindless, delusional, commercial mass crap. Nothing else.

Wake up. Resist.


Black Friday is likewise stupid. (And an insult to the memory of the victims of the Edmonton Tornado.)

Try Buy Nothing Day next time around–November 28.

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