Xmas: Remembering Those Gone

They are always with us. Last night in a dream, I was in a dark hospital corridor (sounds like PC AB!) and met up with Dean McKenzie, of my ‘brothers’ and kindred spirit-friends who passed away a couple of years back. He was looking fairly thin in a white kimono, his eye sockets appropriately dark, given his final battle with cancer. We hugged and Dino told me to keep the faith and live each day as if it was my last. Totally apropos advice coming from a great soul who himself loved life and lived it to the max. (He wished he could be here.)

Today, listening to an old Herb Alpert CD brought back memories of my Dad who was a huge Alpert fan, who whistled happily along, and who loved to dance with my Mom. He was always in a terrific upbeat mood whenever he slipped on the Tijuana Brass music. I am amazed how close he feels whenever I play the old Alpert hits and albums. These sense memories conjure him up more than any other image.

One of the best pleasures of the season is reconnecting, unexpectedly, with these dearly-departed and December memories of old. Music remains the best sensuous aspect of the season in any case. Favorite carols, hymns, and Xmas songs. Nat King Cole singing “Chestnuts roasting”. Does Christmas get any better than that voice and that annual, warm, special mood?

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