The Human Need for Design


(example of human design using Nature–Butchart Gardens, Victoria)

(or Purpose and Fulfillment through Design)

This manifests itself as early as the first human year and throughout natural, un-e-mediated pre-school play. We search for and wrestle with design through our school years, relationships, and early work years. This search and its various expressions define us as individuals. In short, there is something basic in humans that seeks pattern, thus, it is that we often end up making things or creating things. We have a strong (often subconscious or internal) need and drive to build or create which is-incidentally, one of the marks of civilization and civilized people (as opposed to killing, barbarism, and destruction). We are all, potentially, makers and creators, and it is this that defines us, again, as civilized people. All beginning with a drive or instinct for or toward pattern and the process of making connections. A desire for design.

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