The pork tempest today,

which Oxford University Press has issued denials on immediately, is an interesting one. The controversy arose when OUP writers were notified to omit pork and pig references in children’s book-writing. Which would certainly have implications for “The Three Little Pigs, “This Little Piggy”, and Animal Farm. Apart from whether this will lead to big politically correct changes at OUP and a stupid caving in to minorities and minority agendas at the expense of majority traditions, culture, and reading choices, it does illustrate again what’s so terribly wrong with minority agendas causing majorities to make stupid, irrational undemocratic concessions to hypersensitive-entitled minorities. The simple rational solution is for the minorities to avoid these books.

Instead, there will probably be trigger warning labels on children’s books with such admonitions as “Parental guidance: Contains porcine subject matter.” And with other minorities flooding in on the wake of this concession, such warning and spoilers as “does not contain LGBTQ’ references”, “Contains references to death”, “May be offensive to gay parents”, “Has Christian bias”, “Not recommended for environmentalists’ children”, “Only contains male or Caucasian characters”, “May present content that upsets children or gets them to think”. How dumb we all get when minority rule subjugates majority experience and preferences.

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