Related to synchronicity and coincidence

is the coincidence of language, especially on the same day. On the weekend, I used ‘”ain’t” for emphasis in this blog. The same day, unaware of the entry, my coauthor-friend sent me a piece on dictionary changes which included the word “ain’t”. Yesterday morning’s shopping trip to Sobey’s was bookended in the evening by the mention of a director named Frank Sobey who directed the next episode of The Time Tunnel tv series which I have been watching. (The only other Sobey I’ve ever known or heard of was back in elementary school.)

There are of course, many words, word combinations, or word coincidences, as in these cases. In the first place, one has to be aware of these coincidences, then is left to ponder why they have occurred in close proximity. Is there some meaning or purpose to all of this? Yet another of life’s mysteries which, nonetheless, registers for those who are sensitive to language and its coincidences.

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