December shores

“A sacred place is any space that is set apart from the usual context of life. Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”–Joseph Campbell

Over and over
great green waves
pound and crash
on black rocks
Improvised waterfalls
have their moments
in a magnificence of spray.
It is where the
large white explosions
take place
that I live no more.

Now the green tides
roll in, breakers
turning white to foam
the remaining crags.
This is my home
my perspective.

Even less of me
and now just waves
ascending and then
rushing in as
gulls stitch sky
above the
shining waters.

There is much
which is not of
others or even man.
Continuous tides
24/7 elsewhere in
tides of imagination.
A love temple
on the rocky cliff–
the ruins of some
nameless dream.

In the end
just a sound
of waves
on unfamiliar shores
water channeling sand,
spilling, then refilling
a ceaseless white.

(previously published December 11, 2012 here)

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