(an old personal bossa-nova lyric; for Ken Mitchell)

Coconuts and bamboo leaves
Pretty colours in the trees
Close your eyes you can feel the breeze
Feel the breeze, if you please

Bend down, pick a flower you can wear in your hair
Watch brown ladies, they don’t mind if you stare
Seabirds callin’, sayin’ you got no care
Got no care, unaware

Life on the beach, warm yourself in the sand
Relax your body, maybe pick up a tan
Cool your face with palm leaf for a fan
Got no plans, understand?

Drift like a branch on an ocean of blue
Pretend you’re coral, any colour or hue
Feel like the sun on papyrus canoe
Warm you through, that’ll do

Sit on the terrace, try a tropical drink
Stay as long as you like, you can watch the sun sink
Stare at white clouds with your mind on the blink
On the blink, on the blink

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