If You Let Me (The Performer’s Song)

In another life (in the ’70s mainly), I played for thousands of people in lounges, halls, and clubs. I eventually tried my hand at songwriting and sent out demo tapes to a number of artists and got back some nice compliments. This song is what might be called an ‘opener’ or a signature song about being a live performer.


I don’t pretend to be a saint in any sense of the word
I don’t pretend to know the Truth, I’ll just tell you ’bout some things I’ve heard
You can just ignore my tales, or tell me I’m a dreamer, too
A mystic, poet, or a madman from another different point of view
But if you let me, I’ll stay a while
We’ll grow together through many-a-mile

I don’t pretend to write the songs that change the world overnight
I don’t pretend to save your soul like Bobby Dylan makes you feel alright
You can just go on your way, dismiss me, you don’t like my face
But we all need each other if we’re ever gonna win the race
And if you let me, I’ll paint for you
Stars in the sky, rivers flowin’ blue

I didn’t mean to keep you here, to detain you from your busy life
I didn’t mean to hurt your ego, you can do without that sort of strife
I guess it’s best we go our ways, maybe meet again someday soon
Our paths crossed once, they will cross again, we’ll compare our hurts and our wounds
And if you let me, I’ll be your song, singin’ sad or sweetly, you can hum along

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