A Nice Teacher I Worked with Died in Her 50s Today

and was still working when she got ill.

Not my choice. I retired early/as soon as I could at 52. Freedom 52, indeed. It was not my choice to drop dead in a school hallway or to suddenly get stricken while still working (as was the case above). Overall, life is too short, too brief, and much too random. I figure a lot of teachers kid themselves, get blinded by the money part, or figure their health will never fail.

But what’s the point if you’re suddenly very ill or dead without enjoying a single day of retirement? Common sense should kick in at some point. What’s more important? Work and non-stop teaching?

Or how about: Your happiness. Your freedom. Your pleasure and desire for play. Your desire for Beauty. Your desire for increased consciousness, self-actualization, and fulfillment of self. Exploring the myriad other imaginative possibilities. More time with family.

Nope, I have never for one second rued my self-chosen/self-created Freedom 52.

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