Only in Quirky Vancouver


can you stand inside a hollow tree in Stanley Park,


would a group of Tai-Chiers block the top entrance to Queen Elizabeth Park,


would you find a park bench plaque dedicated to a major Asian superstar who committed suicide (someone that most Canadians would never have heard of),


or a sculpture garden of laughing men on a beach


or a sculptured water fountain on a quiet residential street corner


or a crosswalk light for bikes


or a crossing sign for squirrels


or a sculpture of a photographer waving a rube out of the way.

Other: A four-way crossing painted in rainbow stripes onto a Davie Street intersection. A rappeller on a high-rise condo (c.f. poem that follows). A planned zipline for a quiet, conservative park. A pot day shutting down normal traffic flow in city centre followed by a reminder from the feds for those in attendance that pot is illegal.

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