Only Through Choice

All living things have time limits and are essentially, transitory with expiry dates. For them, nothing is permanent. The term ‘permanent’ is better applied to such elements as water, land, and space. And to man-made structures such as the Great Pyramids or Michelangelo’s “David’. The above five will outlive us all unless a comet hits the planet.

Thus, we should have no illusions about permanency, accepting that relative briefness and transitoriness are basic conditions of human life. As the Existentialists and Viktor Frankl pointed out, this is why our choices are so precious and special. Humans can make things, make things happen, make ourselves, becoming the auteurs of our lives, creating to some extent, our own fates and destinies. Put simply, choices define us, who we are.

Thus, we can change our lives, our minds, our attitudes, our beliefs, and values in order to create whatever worlds and leave our marks on others. That remains the best and most of what an individual human being can do in a limited amount of forever-ticking time, within a very limited sphere of influence.

Like all flowers, seasons, and whatever cellular life, we simply manage and try to live as long as we can. Notwithstanding that, it is only our choices and characters that denote our uniqueness and individual identities in the neverending process of Time.

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