Grandson & Granddog-Sitting Random Misc.

“Pootie”–3-year-old term for computer.
Watch what you whisper in a low voice. The words will be repeated back to you by 3-year-olds. They are always listening to adults in a room even when they appear to be playing or focused on something else. (Something which should be a concern if adults swear freely.)
When children are overtired, they will not behave normally and still have lots of crazy energy. If they don’t respond to various adult requests, then they will ‘party’ till they crash suddenly, often within minutes, magically.
There comes a point for reading toddlers where they will read many books in a row that are essentially word-picture identification books, rapidly increasing their vocabularies.
3-year-olds can be incredibly wilful and fussy. “I don’t like that” gets uttered before seeing or trying a lot of things.

3-year-olds challenge, test, and push/extend the limits of the most (limited) adults. They can be very exhausting after a few hours of supervision. They are quite demanding and require many typically unused or dormant inner resources and energies of adults. In return, the depths and rich inner lives of adults can enrich and extend usually receptive small children in return. Three-year-olds’ empathy, love, intelligence, humor, irony, and reflectiveness can be truly delightful and amazing.

Dog kibbles always taste better eaten out of a human hand that opens up revealing the pieces.
A guest dog, regardless of how small it is, will always spring into action and bark when there is a perceived threat.
Small dogs would prefer to sleep by human feet on a couch if such is available.
Dogs live perpetually in hope. Their spirits will brighten instantaneously if they see a leash brandished at a door and their name is called, or the W-word is used.
Small dogs are very low maintenance compared with three-year-olds who need 24/7 watching when awake.
Dogs take their cues from human masters. They are always watching human masters and living in hopes of food or walks.

Dogs, even guest ones, are boundless reservoirs of loyalty and love. They haven’t a dishonest bone in their bodies.

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