Since one ultimately has to live with oneself,


the two key questions for one’s own consciousness and personal process are:
1. Do I feel free, especially innerly free from whatever limits, limitations, stressors, anxiety, fears, etc?
2. Do I feel a pleasurable or beautiful fullness and stillness–a satisfying inner peace and contentment which leaves me with no strong desire for Other or anything else?

(The above inner condition or state of “being” has to do with all of physical, mental, and spiritual feeling. One senses no missing pieces, a deep sense of inner contentment and soul fulfillment, and a profound, unexpected feeling of having reached ‘Home’ and the end of the life-long, restless-based quest. There is no interference from or distraction by intellect, reason, or overthinking. Just a mature sense of wholeness and ‘rightness’ about all.)


*We are, in the end, each of us, individuals, regardless of the degree of social conditioning, relationships, and social contexts. (We have to adjust to and are responsible for living with ourselves.) To a large extent, no one else can make us happy or meet all our needs for any length of time, or unlock the secrets of our inner selves that finally identify and complete us. Only we can do this ultimate step for and by ourselves. The answers are, very much, within and findable. But it is always necessary to know, accept, understand, and appreciate ourselves to achieve the condition I’ve described above. We have to free ourselves (by “letting go”) and give ourselves the permission “to be”. This takes a personal act of faith and strong, focused will.*

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