Some Famous Women I Admire/Respect


(“conferring her own crown of greatness and genius”: Joni Mitchell’s clever self-portrait based on a van Gogh painting)

Ingrid Bergman

Juliette Binoche

Deborah Kerr

Vanessa Redgrave

Elizabeth Taylor

Virginia Woolf

Agatha Christie

Jane Austen

Emily Dickinson

Willa Cather

Alice Munro

Gabrielle Roy

Margaret Laurence

Emily Carr

Camille Claudel

Joan of Arc

Florence Nightingale

Mother Teresa

Helen Keller

Amelia Earhart

Jane Goodall

Rachel Carson

Joan Baez

Janis Ian

Suzanne Vega

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Joni Mitchell

Judy Collins


I wonder how many young women out there today would name any of the above, and, if so, which ones and why.

Likewise, which ones, if any, men of various ages would cite.

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