E-Mail Response to a Friend re. the Decline and Imminent Demise of Newspapers

Well, the masses have bought into illusion, notably e-technology. That’s what they choose, want, prefer. The demographics have the last word.
Based on the mass dumbing-down that’s going on, you’d have to conclude that the masses don’t want intelligent reporting, hard news, and verifiable Truth or alternate truths.
It’s now reached the point of my right agenda vs. wrong everyone else’s. The worst of individual liberty tottering on subjective chaos with no one, certainly no remaining authority or institution to right the ship.
It is, unquestionably, now a free-for-all sans moderation. It’s all about money, not principles or non-money ideals. All I experience in a day out there or when some stranger intrudes on my solitude is “I have a money-making agenda and I want you to finance it.” Period.

I still buy papers to keep somewhat objective tabs on how bad and stupid it’s getting everywhere. I figure Better be informed and ready. There is a still a fierce loyalty to the oasis of the olde world and its more humane ways. I live in other constructive, creative worlds, places, and times thanks to my imagination, dreams, and ideals. That sustains me, not the modern world or today’s society in general.
I pick my spots–honour and revere the best of past civilization, truly positive technologies, and truly good things, people, and real heroes.The rest of it today is just runaway politically-correct politics, widespread violence, hate, madness, and money crap. Not a world any genuinely sane person would ever want to accept, unquestioningly believe, trust, or live in.

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