It’s in a clearing up ahead,
the top of the hill
and sea-town far below
the ocean wide and vista-ed.

They’re up ahead,
all of them,
those you miss and still love
waiting there for you
parents, old friends,
even dogs.

They’ve all chosen to wait
as it turns out,
knowing you were
coming today.

The tall ship in the harbor
unfurls its sails as a warm wind
catches them to take you
and the others home at last
to the soft pink-blue
skies westward.

It is only on the voyage
though, that you realize
you were always meant
for this one last passage
of abiding peace.

It’s in the clearing up ahead,
the brow of a hill
and that seaside town below.
And a tall ship waiting
just for you, the last traveller
of an oh-so predictive life.

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