The Red Cross Leads Canada (and Governments)

in mustering support for people in time of tragedies unlike any other charity (except perhaps the Salvation Army). The money one donates goes directly to people in crisis.

Today a remarkable moment for this iconic organization as they inspired both the provincial and federal governments, on the same day no less,┬áto match donations specifically to the Red Cross. Which only goes to show that money has no value unless it is well-used and coordinated toward humanitarian efforts. (Contrast that with people who want everything for nothing, for free, and selfishly refuse to open their wallets for others. Or those who click their tongues, are glad “it’s not them”, and standardly see themselves as being better than others. Or the non-material-contributing Tweeters who don’t walk the talk.)

We’re all in these calamities together, sink or swim. I think the power of coordination can be powerful, especially when people realize Donne’s “No man is an island” in material terms. My $200 donation became a 600 donation overnight (wow) and inspires me to give more at that rate in that shared, positive context. (Money in and of itself simply means nothing unless you give it away or help others.)

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