Quotable Justin

“You piece of sh-t!” (to Conservative Peter Kent in the House of Commons)

“Get the f–k out of my way!” (on the House floor yesterday)

A language model and lesson for all Canadian youth. A definite chip off the old “fuddle-duddle” block. Arrogant,selfish, and corrupt.

But worse in other ways– a fascistic bully, a relentless control freak openly hostile to and contemptuous of other MPs, a violent holier-than-thou harasser, a rude and crude spoiled mutt in need of serious anger management.

The first item of the House agenda today was “The Physical Molestation of the Member from Berthier-Maskinonge” aka Elbowgate and Boobgate. It starred the model-selfie-feminist and totally-out-of-control JT.

Yes, the honeymoon with Cap’n Sunny Ways is now o’er. “What a genuinely contrite hero! What a serial apologizer! What a peaceful man! What a benevolent democratic leader! What a truly decent all-round guy!” What an insult to the office of Canadian Prime Minister.

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