Dumbing Down the U of A and Education for All in the Province (cont’d)

It’s been comin’ for some time now what with talk that more transgendering training and compulsory Aboriginal studies for one and all is what’s really needed to push AB Ed ahead. Who needs all those damn useless science courses, facts, empirical knowledge, research, and medical developments?
And so with no great surprise, research science jobs are being eliminated. Poof! Who needs innovation in health research? Who needs opportunities and programs for research and for medical science training? Who needs funding support from the feds, industry, and non-profit organizations? Who needs high school students, u students, grad students, post-grads, and profs working in these useless areas? The NDP sure doesn’t.
This is only the beginning of an assault on education, higher education, true and practical learning, programs, and all learning facilities, and on anything fact-based, empirical-based, or utilitarian. This is a government which has zero interest in seeking truth or wisdom. The Great AB Dumbing Down will gut whatever’s left of successful and meaningful education approaches and subject matter. The AB NDP has no interest in anything academic, just politicized bathrooms and native political agendas.

ps/ Watch, too, the great watering down of whatever dumbed-down curriculum for non-English speakers. Canadian-born kids who already know the language will be held back significantly and less curriculum will be taught to all while delivery systems become the main focus, not subject matter. The old traditional sense of common-ground and common experiential context for learners and common standards of evaluation just went out the window. Now everyone will be passed for trying to do the best in their school-honored cultural context. Objective testing and results just dropped several notches again. Education has completely entered the Twilight Zone of subjective positive reinforcement for one and all. And who needs any archaic external exams anyway, eh?

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