Red-Letter Day for a Book Collector-Blogger

001 (81)

(the exterior of the hardback)

003 (22)

(page 1)

002 (33)

(the limitations page, signed and numbered)

Today I received my expensive, very rare, fine-conditioned, slipcased 1930 book of Virginia Woolf’s A Street Haunting, the only book which she had published in the States as a limited signed edition of 500. There are only 8 more of these out there for sale in the world online in various conditions. Woolf signed the book in purple ink. It is very interesting to handle the book and limitations page, intuiting her presence and tactile contact with both.

I’ve been ‘living with’ Woolf the past year, going through her diaries and reading and listening to other works so this comes as a meaningful conclusion to my research and relationship with her works. As said before here, I continue to be a very lucky man.

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