Off the Top/Automatic Monday Morning: Example of Stream-of-Consciousness Thought

Because of ego–which is how we generally experience life and the world–we often assume too much, trying to control others, our lives and the outside world as if they or it were mere extensions of our preferences and fantasies rather than of a greater external context in which we all live.

And so we mostly try to manage our days, reining them in to our liking and personal preferences. So you can imagine the frustration when one is opposed, duped or used in the course of a day by others and systems–‘The Machine’ as ’60ers used to call the latter. We even take things for granted when things do go our way, assuming we are lucky or entitled.

But everything changes and passes. And there are days and times when we feel like we have no or little control and whining, complaining, and argument are the dominant modes. Sometimes primitive DNA behaviors have their way with us, too, and normalcy and reason break down or the irrational clearly seems to have the upper hand. Then chaos theory may come into play and we realize how much or how often we live a Theatre of the Absurd existence. It is at such times that we are forced to recognize and acknowledge that our lives may not be our own, that change is/has been/will always be constantly ongoing in the form of process/es.

Indeed, the only constant in our lives–even when they are least conflictful and relatively placid–is change. (“Nothing’s going to change my world” as Lennon chanted in “Across the Universe”–which becomes, at best, a fool’s refrain and guide to fully experiencing or managing life.)

Is it any wonder then that many people of this ilk constantly run into problems and conflicts when others and the world do not line up with their egos. And that is often the ‘problem’ with others–by and large–they don’t always please us, conform to our wishes, or have their own plans, dreams, and desires. A certain built-in, hard-wired naivete, then, of the self-encapsulated ego-life, a life usually with blinders on consciousness-wise, in relation to how things really actually are for the individual and the external world dynamic and context. Thus, we get much conflict, much inability or laziness to change (people often being as hard-wired as they realistically are from childhood on).

Hope, there is, though, if people accept one another for who and what they basically are. In that, some hope and room for understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness and presence of other individuals. And in that, hope for personal and mutual growth and love through various kinds and levels of relationships.

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