British and American Books and Authors: My Autographed Copies

002 (33)003 (22)

(left: Graham Greene’s famous slanted signature; right: Tennessee Williams’ languorous signature)

W. H. Auden–City Without Walls
Joseph Conrad–The Secret Agent
Graham Greene–Dr. Fischer
Aldous Huxley–Meredith
Somerset Maugham–A Writer’s Notebook
Siegfried Sassoon–To My Mother
Tom Stoppard–Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Evelyn Waugh–Basil Seal Rides Again                                                                                 Virginia Woolf–A Street Haunting

Robert Bloch–Psycho
Ray Bradbury–Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury: An Illustrated Life
Laurence Ferlinghetti–two different eds. of A Coney Island of the Mind
Allen Ginsberg–White Shroud
Lorraine Hansberry–A Raisin in the Sun
Arthur Miller–Timebends
Eugene O’Neill–Dynamo
Wallace Shawn–My Dinner with Andre
Sam Shepard–Cruising Tales
May Swenson–Iconographs
Thornton Wilder–The Long Christmas Dinner
Tennessee Williams–The World of Tennessee Williams

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