Full Moon

Today when I went out to ride my 6 speed Raleigh Oasis bicycle, the chain was loose and off the turning mechanism, first time ever going back to the ’80s when I first bought the bike. When I got back to the garage yesterday, there was no problem; the chain was intact and working properly.

The last time I put a chain back on one of my bikes would have been in 1963-4 thereabouts, on my original 3-speed. The 6-speed looked daunting with all the extra mechanisms, but fixing it was basically the same as the olde 3-speed. It was an experience I’d totally forgotten about, some 53 years ago but, like riding a bicycle, it’s something you never forget, I guess.

Full moon was yesterday which coincides with the mystery of the chain coming loose on its own, of its own volition, while the bicycle was in a standing position kickstanded.

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