Living Life to the Fullest

001 (80)

(Across the River and Into the Trees, Waterton by RD)

has long been an automatic for me anyway. None of this might be here later today sort of world view. Opportunities, in particular, are often one-time and transitory. As in Frankl: Which even of limited possibilities or choices does one wish to activate, bring into being? (Which is the essence of creativity and an autonomous, self-determined life.)
No, it’s always been clear how to act when decision-times arrive or when choices need to be made. I have enough empathy and imagination (not necessarily the reason) to make the right decision and choice for myself. To thine own self be true; which is what this blog is usually about. Life is and remains largely about what feels right. (Which is both challenge and solution enough)
And no, one can’t decide for others or even do for others if they don’t wish or choose the same. Each to his own, as they used to say. And all the while brilliant, glorious, exciting possibilities exist every day. Just takes imagination and will to realize any of these. And going with the feeling of the moment or heart.

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