Remembering 1991: A Key Turning Point in My Life…


“The Window” (a study in self-imposed limitations; living mole-like with blinders and chains on oneself)

for me in terms of consciousness. I have never looked back. Aided and inspired by such landmark films as My Dinner with Andre, I was ‘awakened’ from a deep slumber, and took ownership of my life. The first New England trip functioned that way. Took off at the beginning of the school year. I could not wait for the trip my colleagues said they’d make when they retired. (I doubt they ever did.)

Yet another consciousness resurgence in 2014 and the decision to start this blog. I have never regretted any of these Moments of Being and Becoming. Although a lot of people will tell you Life’s about what you’ve done and how much money you’ve made, they’re barking up the wrong trees. Life is mostly about consciousness, right from day 1 to the grave. It is about knowing yourself, knowing who and what you are first and foremost, and accepting yourself, dispelling whatever fears, hang-ups, and self-imposed limitations, finally. Only then can one can live freely, autonomously, honestly,and authentically.


(first poem of personal liberation in 1991; a starting point and credo)

And So Lately

I choose this island
and its freedom from false face.
I select a landfall apart
from the swell and tides of others.

I claim this lone strand
for the Dominion of Self.
Unattended by minions, I live
without the cant of congregations.

Self-governed, yet worthy
I shun the uncentered
fawners for lost pieces
in the shadows of Other.

I pick my comings and goings,
my music and arts.
I cull first flowers
and pitch the weeds of dependence.

My mind sharpens and sculpts itself
in monuments to glory and love
begging naught of another.

I go it alone, unafraid and unperplexed.
Respectful of this reign,
my hopes people this island.

I harvest the metaphors of life
with a timeless abandon
that knows no thought of Other.

Bygone, the grey deep moans,
now distant, unheard.

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