Fantastic News and Just Deserts

Legendary, iconic Bob Dylan’s winning the Nobel Prize. So well-deserved. Nice timing.
My personal musical hero of the ’60s.

In my first year of teaching senior high English (1972-73), I created an option course on The Poetry of Folk. Dylan’s work was the main part of the course with representation of other folky poets such as Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, and Joni Mitchell. Kids were knocked out by Dylan, in particular. Many of them in the Grand Centre/Cold Lake area had not heard of him. There was no denying–when his lyrics were printed out–that his songs up to John Wesley Harding were poetry presented in musical song form. One other interesting thing I remember from the course was comparing Paul Simon’s writings about TimeĀ  (‘A Hazy Shade of Winter”) with W.H. Auden’s poems about Time (“As I Walked Out One Evening”).

(ps. “deserts” is correctly spelled in the title context)

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