Everybody Knows What a Good Movie Is.

It’s the number one movie at the weekend box office.
What other criteria could there possibly be?

With fewer and fewer critics working for the media everywhere, the hoi-polloi have no access to skilled reviewers’ opinions and judgements. The death of Roger Ebert was the beginning of the end of significant, thoughtful movie criticism.

People who believe Netflix is the authoritative source of good and great movies would be much better off, better informed, and more critically astute if they watched Turner Movie Channel instead. Oh, and there have been no great or classic movies since the 1990s. Most of today’s movies are super-loud, ultra-coarse, very dumb or stupid, and FX-driven. There are no truly┬ástrong actors as of old like Pacino, Caine, Bergman, Hepburn, and Brando. Movies today are just money-driven, totally.

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