from Eric Andersen’s “Rolling Home”

Well, I see the ones who crawl like moles
Who for a front would trade their souls,
A broken mirror’s the only hole for them;
And for you who’d exchange yourselves,
Just to be somebody else,
Pretending things you never felt or meant;
Hey, you don’t live what you defend,
You can’t give so you just bend.

Now if you care what people think,
Like they supplied some missing link;
They’ll just stand back and watch you sink so slow.
They’ll never help you to decide,
They’ll only take you for a ride,
After which they’ll try and hide the fact that they don’t know
What you should do, where you should go,
What you should do, where you should go.

Great social commentary-criticism song of olde by a ’60s folkie. Check out the super vocal arrangement Peter Paul and Mary version on Album 1700 and the rest of the long song’s terrific lyrics online…

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