My Stroll of Poets Workshop on Poetic Sensibility

is full and goes on Sat., Nov. 26 at Woodcroft library in Edmonton.

Some notes on Poetic Sensibility (by Richard Davies):


 -the ability to be open to, to feel or perceive, and sensitively respond to sensory stimuli and related feelings and ideas

 -implies an awareness, a keen consciousness, discernment (capable of making distinctions and informed choices), and an appreciation developed and created by/in one’s self

 -has to do with inner life, imagination and expression, coherent inwardness, personal choices for living and creating, as well as style


Poetic sensibility would be the unique sensibility a poet has learned, developed, achieved, discovered, practised, expressed, or articulated in and through his/her life and work. It reveals or manifests itself through process, voice, subject matter, and style.

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