If there was one word I would use to describe Life and life experience, it would be


This tells you everything you need to know and basically understand. Irony makes it possible, finally, to understand and appreciate most of life. If you are too serious or can’t appreciate irony, that leaves out a lot of life experience and understanding. Lately, the times are incredibly, absurdly ironic. (Example: Trump, legalizing marijuana, etc.) And people are much too serious and narrowly-focused on their little agendas to have much empathy, tolerance, and any kind of perspective. Everything has become deadly serious to the point of violence. A good example is that Saudi woman in the news today who took off her hijab and wore a dress. There are millions of men who want to imprison, beat, kill (and throw her corpse to dogs), behead, and execute her!

I think these are among the saddest, most tragic conditions and ways of our times. Too serious, No humor. No perspective, just agendas of ego, power, and control. A penchant for knee-jerk violence, threats, and killing. No sense of irony. Everything monolithic and obvious (shallow). An inability to understand and appreciate nuance and to make common sense and reasoned distinctions. Gone is a lot of humor, a lot of empathy and caring, a lot of truth and accuracy, and a lot of sensitive and intelligent response to truly unblack-and-unwhite situations, the jagged, uneven flow of real life and real experience. Gone is a lot of richness and beauty, leaving only prejudice, discrimination, and a helluva lot of complaining, arguing, and criticizing instead. We leave in very fearful, disturbing, barbaric times that threaten to totally undo Western civilization and anything true, beautiful, and just.

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