Counting One’s Blessings

and any luck you’ve had in your day, life, etc.
It is all too easy daily to be suddenly ‘taken out’ by an injury, fall, or serious medical condition that gets out of control. Suddenly being unable to see, walk, move, etc.–the physical stuff, let alone all the mental variations stuff: loss of memory, dementia, senility, madness, etc. Maintaining your overall health and independence is numero uno at ground level.

So today, take some time to count your blessings and whatever goodness, niceness, love, and beauty you have in your life. (The Scrooge Affect.)
Appreciate that you’re still here, still intact, and you’ve got as much going for you, that people otherwise take for granted. That there are many pleasures awaiting, if you will them to be possible,¬†or are lucky.
A great ‘starting point’ as you relax and reflect, and begin to look forward with some hopefulness for yourself (and those closest to you, if lucky or possible, too). Thus, attitude remains all.

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