Physical health and wellness aside–

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(Highly recommended book and movie)


a big deal in itself–mental /mind intactness (including consciousness, awareness, common sense, reason,┬ámemory, imagination, sensibility, as well as ability to create, problem-solve, and critically think) is probably even more important. Recall Hamlet’s “I could be bounded in a nutshell” meeting Whitman’s “I am large… I contain multitudes”.

‘Tis the mind and sensibility that truly define and determine the quality of one’s life, quite apart from physical health, deeds, and action.

Think The Diving Bell and the Butterfly–the totally paralyzed French journalist who was able to peck out, with one eye’s movement no less, the story of his life and changes following his tragic accident. The mind can override and transcend any debilitating physical condition.

As long as the mind is actively unimpaired and still functioning, there is always the possibility for an individual person to express, communicate, and connect.

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