Re. Boxing Day Sales

I have never wasted entire days of my life waiting and planning feverishly for this annual mindless, gratuitously materialistic obsessive binge.

For me, Boxing Day is always a laid-back, clean-up day after the annual family Christmas party-blowout for 18-21 people. A chance for some quiet reflective time about Xmas before a saner, less hectic follow-up dinner with immediate family. My son’s family get to open their presents from us today and there are games and crosswords spread out in the dining room. (We, my daughter and her significant other open our presents on Xmas morn and then have a power lunch before the afternoon clean-up, preceding the extended-family company. A true Davies Team Production in which I don’t have to carve (!) and can focus more on entertaining the four pre-school kids.

Yeah, two of the best days of the year, followed by two more–New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day immediate-family get-togethers. Works! Tradition. Great fun stuff.

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