My Brilliant (Acting) Career:

004 (13)

(my Marlon Brando phase–winter, 1967, gr. 12; at home in makeup after one of several evenings of playing two leads in a drama  (The Red Velvet Goat) and an operetta (Trial by Jury).

-Reader of the Poem, Tom Sawyer, gr. 9
-Jock, Brigadoon, gr. 11
-Usher, Trial by Jury; Mayor, The Red Velvet Goat, gr. 12
-Jim, “The Gift of the Magi”,1st yr. teaching
-Peter, The Zoo Story, 1st yr. teaching (rehearsed)
-Zeus, Rape of the Belt, 2nd yr. teaching
-Daddy, “The Sandbox”, 4th yr. teaching

-producer, Bob Dyin’, Duke, 60 Minutes Live from Loon River, 1989

-narrator, A Matter of Censorship, 1991

I also taught drama my first year of teaching and directed later.

Drama was one aspect of Performing over the years: poetry readings, workshops, teaching, live music bands.

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