Re. Canadian Justice

When unsupervised Greyhound-bus beheader and cannibal Vince Li forgets to take his meds down the road, I hope that all the names of the judges and review board who freed him to ‘do his thing’ on some other poor, unsuspecting schmo in the wrong place at the wrong time will have their names published for vetting his release. That would only be fair and just for what defies common sense and fairness yesterday. Too many liberals in the courts and mental institutions intent on political correctness and trying to show what ‘wonders’ can be performed on the most dangerous people in Canada.

“Forgive and forget” as some columnists are saying today? Give me, the dead man’s family, and the public a break for a change. Absolute discharge unequivocably defies reason and common sense. Namby pamby does not work with the psychos of the world. The key word in the decision is “unsupervised” It is very common for schizos to stop taking their meds when they feel “all better” and “cured”. (The media should do a follow-up on the recidivism rate.)  No way this monster should have walked. His release is as horrific as the original crime. Fact.

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