Spending Money in the Here-and-Now

So what are you waiting for? Especially if you have a significant dream that requires more-than-average spending. Saved money is just ‘frozen’ and Scroogley-congealed in some cases.
Although I’ve lived beyond my means for periods of time, I believe it’s important not to penny-pinch or be miserly where money can help you live out a dream or help someone else (as in generous charity, which I’ve written about previously here).
Give you an example. I spent over $3 thou on the two most precious books in my book collection. These purchases meant a helluva lot and continue to give my life meaning every day. (And they are not bad investments otherwise for the more material of you readers!). One was a limited ed. awesomely rare chapbook signed by Virginia Woolf in purple pink–she whom I consider one of the greatest authors in the 20th century. This is the jewel in my Woolf book collection. I have a huge respect for her writing and talent and it is pretty heady owning something she handled personally and signed. Likewise, my signed Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Such an impressive lady who went against the grain and brought the chemical companies to their knees with her major opus. For me, she is the major mover of the environment and ecology causes. She is The Mother and fountainhead of both. It is an honour and a privilege to, likewise, have something she touched and signed.
I live in imagination a lot, as I’ve remarked before. I spend a lot of time there with the likes of many people from history, literature, the Arts, and Western civilization. This is where I am most comfortable, relaxed, happy, purposed, and fulfilled.
But ask another person if she or he would spend this much on what I did and you’ll likely get crazy looks. We are all individuals with different dreams and driving forces. We, all of us have the potential to follow our own bliss to the state I’ve described. Often all it takes is letting go of those pennies and thousands to get what you want materially most in life or to facilitate a dream, your own or others’. Money vs. following one’s bliss? This is one of the biggest no-brainers in life.

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