Karla Homolka and the Failure of Common Sense

It is one thing for Karla to have had three kids and not have abused or harmed them. It is quite another to have her working at the children’s school after she participated in the abuse and killing of two teenage girls (one being her own sister). Especially without notifying parents. The school and board have blundered hugely. Most parents would not want a convicted killer in the presence of their own kids. Common sense. Safety factor. Holmolka should never be given this kind of privilege.

The freeing of the Greyhound killer was absurd, but this is patently crazy stuff. There should be limits placed on convicted killers’ rights and privileges. They shouldn’t get free passes to mix with innocent, unsuspecting, unnotified young people all over again. Doh, do people not remember or care about the two kids she helped ‘off’? Apparently not. Bigtime systems failures.

(O, let bygones be bygones. Forgiveness, mercy, liberalism, and the worst namby-pamby ‘reason’-shit.)

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