An Open Sesame-Canada: Gutless Trudeau

Our cowardly, irresponsible PM has not said one word against the illegal immigrants entering into Canada. Silence = consent, approval and acceptance. How fair is it that public money goes to support lawbreakers? How many of these people are being returned? How fair is this backdoor rubber-stamping to those immigrants who enter Canada via the front door? Why can’t Trudeau take a stand on lawbreakers? Doesn’t he care that the illegal trek is dangerous and deadly as holds open his welcoming arms for another sunny selfie?
Australia has got the same situation right. Illegals there are told upfront they will not be allowed to stay and they shouldn’t get any ideas about permanent residence or freebies in and from Aus.
No, Trudeau is obsessed with his image as ‘popular, good guy who’s on the side of the underdog.’ In no way does he want to be perceived as being mean (c.f. recent blog entry on not challenging delinquent native groups for uncooperative budget accounting.) No, Mr. Smiley Ways is too busy hectoring the Pope about residential schools to deal with a real crisis in his own country. It is far more ‘sexier’ to be telling a pontiff what he should do. He has no sense of priorities, just political correctness ad nauseam, window-dressing, and image-spinning. Prince Hal with his tennis racquets revisited.

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