2016 Gershwin Prize for Popular Song PBS Special

The great Willie Nelson gets his due at 82. Amazing career and song catalogue. One of the loosest singers, performers, and guitarists in pop history bordering country, soul, and jazz. Lots of prominent guest stars–Neil Young, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Simon, Raul Malo, Rosanne Cash. There would have been more country stars, but Cash, Waylon, and other friends¬†have long passed on while Willie kept going with his mellow potness despite all his tax evasion problems. Hard not to respect the millions he raised for American farmers through Farm Aid, and the way he has maintained his long-braided integrity and faithfulness to his beat-up guitar Trigger.

(above: one of the most memorable, entertaining, special tv concerts ever; highly recommended)

Willie has long been his own man, very unconventional, and unique. Ray Charles put it best that he heard America in Willie’s voice and songs. One of my Dad’s favorites–he always knew Real People and The Genuine Article–which Willie is. Thank God Willie got his due and he performed with his own two¬†boys and sang and played well this particularly memorable and poignant evening. As totally unique as Dylan, Cash, Charles, and all the greats. Yes, Willie Nelson has been quite hard to miss along the way, on the road again…

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