July 28-Sept. 13: Blog Moratorium due to Robot Hack

(Rick bought a Rick; completely unexpected, the black & white Beatles model; this is the special, unique 12 string electric guitar sound you hear on songs by The Beatles, The Searchers, The Byrds, The Hollies, The Turtles, and other 1964–1967 bands; I now own 2 electrics and 2 acoustics; 2 6’s and 2 12’s)


Well, you just never know. My two blogs were hacked by a robot from Germany or France. Let that be a reminder of the absurd destructiveness of online technology. The robot ate about 3 1/2 weeks of writing on this, my main blog. So much for August 2017. (Fortunately, my CanLit blog which had been basically finished for over a year remains intact as a resource for those in search of info about our best writers up to the end of the millennium.) P.s./ I did enjoy and appreciate the writing break and it’s been a very busy, positive 6 weeks anyway.

So what about August and the beginning of Sept. in a nutshell? I bought a new Rickenbacker 330 electric 12 string which has revived my music (I played at an outdoor govt. staff barbecue luncheon for my daughter on Monday). Symphony under the Sky was great as usual and I got to go for 2 evenings this year with my 22nd-year-straight subscription. My birthday was on the same weekend and the family barbecue party for me was maybe the best one ever with the two grandkids providing much of the interest and fun.

My ever-reliable IT guy was on holidays, when the hack occurred, down in Oregon watching the total eclipse with my daughter. It took a long time to repair the blogs and even so, I lost some writing. But hardly the end of the world, things being as relative as they are always.

So, a busy month ahead with a trip to Radium next week and two evenings reading and hosting for the Stroll of Poets coming up. I am looking forward to the annual evening out with my oldest teacher-friend and our wives at the Macdonald. Always good to see the gardens and grounds behind the hotel as the sun goes down after a splendid Mac dinner. Then to his place in the ‘penthouse’ overlooking the High level bridge on the north side, for outstanding bumbleberry pie (and his ice cream) I’m bringing from Fifendekel. Yes, life continues to be glorious, happy, and quite rich and full. Have I said I’m a lucky man?

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