“Michelangelo: Self-Portrait” DVD (1989)

This contains both of Robert Snyder’s fine documentaries on Michelangelo: the first, an effective black-and-white AA winner from 1950; the second his 1989 ‘retake’ in color with a script by Michael Sonnabend script based on Michelangelo’s letters, diaries, and poems. The documentary is also┬áin the artist’s own words, supplemented by biographers’ commentaries.

What an amazing visual document featuring all of the master’s great works including extended coverage of the Sistine Chapel and his other major works! There is so much information in this 85 minute film on the times, the artist’s life, and basic philosophy of art. In short, this and the earlier documentary are the two most beautiful films ever made about Michelangelo. Two thumbs way, way up for these two movies. I suggest you see the 1950 first which lays the groundwork for the second, and which works well without the use of colour.

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