There Was No Need to Black Out “Chief” on T.O. School Signs

The word comes from the Latin “caput” (a word thousands of years old) meaning head or leader which is why it has been traditionally used in titles for eons.  “Chief” is not an exclusive cultural reference to native peoples. This is an abuse of correct, factual information and larger, longer historical context big-time.

Another perfectly good word bites the dust in crazy, obsessed p.c. Canada. No sense of facts, common sense, correct usage, and historical context. Another complete surrender to (imagined) political agendas and hyper-pc-ness.

Same scenario as the “niggardly” kerfluffle some time back in the Maritimes–a perfectly unracist word, totally misunderstood and removed from context; similarly distorted from its original Middle English source (“nigon” and “nigla”) and Scandinavian root (the origin of “niggle”). Nowhere in history is there a black association or meaning to do with black peoples in the correct use and denotative meaning of the word “niggardly”.

We’re entering Orwellville again where words gets twisted and manipulated for political reasons and agendas. I predict this kind of distortion will speed up in Canada and go way over the top. What other words are now being deemed politically incorrect and verboten? Canadians’ language will continue to be absurdly downsized in the mania for saying “Sorry” over and over again, needlessly as in this case.

Everything these daze is being absurdly and needlessly politicized. With the result of a severe reduction of possibilities, free speech, and free thinking. Yes, ‘enlightened’ Canada is where we see this stupid runaway train most in the Western world today.

ps/ Fact/Truth: Anyone with an ISIL flag in the back of his vehicle is a terrorist. Why all the namby-pamby with the Edmonton Somali terrorist? It’s his flag. He believes in it enough to put in his van so people investigating afterward would find it and give credit where it should be due. Except the dumb-ass Edmonton/Albertan/Canadian authorities can’t put 2 and 2 together or, more likely, have the guts to call a spade a spade. That’s how much in denial Canadians and Canadian ‘authorities’ are these daze. Ignoring the facts, the truth, the context, the cowardly Somali’s agenda. Blind, blind, blind. Feckless, feckless, feckless. Two words becoming increasingly Canadian in action and attitude.

pps/ BTW: Blacking out the word “chief” on signs in schools sends a bad message-lesson to kids. Vandalism and blacking out words are heavy-handed Big Brother styled-censorship.

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