Justin’s Biggest, Most Destructive, Hypocritical Moves

Legalizing pot and throwing current and future generations of youth to the wolves in order to fatten government coffers. No other reason.

As stated before here, not only will the 18+ youth category become endangered and dangerous (to others), but all other high-school kids will be able to access dope easier in schools and on the schoolyards. This will change the atmosphere of high schools hugely, negatively.

And you can be sure that (too) many older brothers and sisters will be making pot available to their younger siblings more easily, “all in the family” so to speak. This effect will be multiplied by all the pot-smoking parents and relatives out there. too. No, I would not want to be a senior or junior high teacher, school board, district, or provincial education body out there trying to teach and educate after the legislation comes into effect.

Nor would I want to be a cop suddenly have to check for marijuana use while driving. There will be many more needless accidents and deaths on the road because of Justin’s sheer greed. To say nothing of the innocent people charged who are non-pot-smokers, but who happened to be in the company of pot smokers. The driving abuses, by the way, will be a deliberate slap-in-the face to MADD. We don’t need more mothers, parents, families, and friends to be hurt by the likely rise in accidents and deaths.

I also pity anyone who lives in an apartment or condo with smoke streaming into their homes from next door, through floors, and down the hall (much in the way food smells travel easily). Other innocent folks, kids and families can ‘get high’ in the long haul from all this deeply penetrating second-hand smoke.

Yes and it’ll be tough on people living in houses as the pot smell comes easily and regularly wafting over neighbours’ fences, depriving anyone and everyone to the right to clean, breathable, unstoned air not just in the summer, but spring and fall, too.  The same polluted air will also affect zoos, parks and visitor sites, reducing users’ rights, pleasures, and enjoyment of Nature.

Bob Dylan once comically sang that “Everybody must get stoned.” Well, in Canada, this is about to become a Big Reality, because of a purely money-grabbing move that will change the lives of many/most Canadians clearly for the worse. Canada will eventually  become known as the ‘highest’ country in the world! Justin is ‘Dope’ man, eh?

And today’s announcement from Ralph Goodale about an additionally expensive awareness campaign about the dangers of pot and driving is the most hypocritical declaration yet about how Canadians are being thrown to the wolves and should adapt to Liberal/Big Brother stupidity, irresponsibleness, and carelessness about ordinary citizens, their freedoms, and rights. There is zero common sense and necessity about any of what is about to befall us because of a massive cash grab and the federal government no longer caring about the environment (the subsequent reduction of clean, breathable air and right of Canadians to breathe unnecessarily, government-approved polluted air), Canadian kids, and everybody else.

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