Many people are cheap and engage

in dangerous behaviors. I sprayed for wasps previously in a small hole by a sidewalk; there are some jobs you do yourself. But, at other times, it’s time to call in an expert to deal with bigger problems such as a large hole under a patio or a wasp nest under a hose rack in the open.

Why take on unnecessary personal risks and do a questionable job when you can open up your precious wallet to have someone else do the job right and safely, one time, at no risk to oneself or family?

I’m afraid a lot of people prefer to do everything themselves mostly out of ignorance and cheapness.

I will also add that I defer to experts when it comes to all sorts of things like heavy load moving, getting a haircut, having a massage, fixing a car, doing taxes, cleaning eavestroughs, dealing with plumbing problems, getting trees and bushes pruned, or going to a doctor or dentist.

You see, experts and professionals deal with specific problems that the average mortal knows zilch about. So, inevitably, these things are going to cost to get problems fixed right and safely, and to cease to be problems. There is a reason why they exist and if you want more stress-free problems, then defer to more experts.

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