For anyone who won’t make it to the Louvre,

(DVD available from Monterey Video)

The Louvre is a well-done introduction, background, and walk-past of many of its most famous, timeless works. The documentary by American filmmaker Lucy Jarvis was done by NBC News in 1978, but remains the best introduction to that shrine since that date.

The entertaining, informative documentary is narrated by the distinguished French actor Charles Boyer who presents the Louvre’s history including which French kings built which parts of it; a model is used throughout to give the viewer an idea of how the buildings changed.

This is a production which showcases and indicates what the Louvre is and how and why it is so important to France and the French people. The film won 14 national and international awards and was released on DVD in 2005. Despite its datedness, it remains a labor of love that does truly justice to the Louvre and why it is one of the most visited landmarks of the world.

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