Our Family’s 23 Year at Symphony under the Sky

(Dining at the Mac in early Sept. with the patio gardens in full bloom, waiting for twilight after beverages and a superb meal.)


Going back to 1995. Haven’t missed a season. Great seats. Braving the elements often to hear sublime music outdoors. Works well.

This year we will also be going to the special Beatles show highlighting songs from two of the their best albums: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The White Album. Fun nostalgia for hardcore Beatles fans.

We’ll pass on McCartney this time around at Rexall; the last show was unbelievably spectacular! Best rock concert we’ve ever been to. (He was in strong voice.)

But that day we will watch Paul live in NYC on DVD to remember how great he is, giving more fantastic shows than The Beatles themselves could ever give in their prime.

Passing, likewise, on seeing Chicago The Band in Winnipeg (during upcoming trip). Seen them several times; once in the front row on a generous upgrade at literally the last moment before the show started.

It’s been a very busy summer with Radium Hot Springs before the smoke, a beautiful well-done family wedding, a successful 4-day garage-sale, and now these musical events topped by a nice Sept. evening on the patio at the MacDonald Hotel with our oldest Edmonton friends. Always a slice.

And a busy fall culminating in two eye surgeries. 2018 has certainly turned into quite a memorable year, indeed.


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