It was no less than T.S. Eliot,

(a poor judge of literary talent)

(his belief in his material despite numerous rejections led to literary heights)

of Faber and Faber publishing, who turned down not one, but two of George Orwell’s books for publication–Down and Out in Paris and London and Animal Farm. The author of what was long considered The Poem of the twentieth century which significantly influenced writers, poets, and the course of twentieth century.

How ironic he considered Animal Farm as simply anti-Communist tripe¬†and turned down Orwell’s best piece of documentary reportage in the other book. How ironic Eliot now is long forgotten and Orwell who is considered the author of The Great Twentieth Century Novel. Orwell, who was pooh-poohed by any other critics of his day for not writing literature as it was then understood. Orwell, whose work wasn’t considered worthy of publication by The Great Twentieth Century English Poet.

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