The Western World bottoms out

after Kanye West meets with Trump to issue clear, uplifting values and moral directions to Trump. The Great New Age of Irrationality is firmly on America (Screwball Central) and the West in general.

The sleazes are firmly in power and command major media attention daily. A woman who enjoys getting peed on goes to the White House and actually gets someone freed from jail. A certified nutcase follows up with mad ramblings off the map as the POTUS sits there taking instruction and guidance from a black man who figures American slaves of the past chose their enslavement.

America, for sure, is well beyond any common sense or any sense of moral distinctions and judgements. And because the dead old American Dream, the rest of the world is forced to accept absolute chaos, the nonchalant threat of world war, and economic disaster for the world. All this as an accidental president humors lunatics like West and Kim on the world stage as a massive ego trip. All this as Nature wreaks its revenge on continuing gross abuse by its stupid, irresponsible human stewards.

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