In case you missed it,

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson–author of “In Memoriam” (1850), the greatest dedication/memorial poem and greatest poem about friendship beyond death)

the long-predicted Zombie Apocalypse came to pass with few whimpers and much caving in, and there is now some question as to how many unaddicted individualistic Real People remain.

I see the zombies everywhere when I leave home–fiddling with their phones on their laps or brazenly talking on phones while driving their vehicles (despite AB’s distracted driving bylaws) and talking on phones and texting in every public place imaginable.

These lonely, bored ex-humans cannot stand to have one second of thinking for themselves and do not want to think, period. These soulless types are afraid to be left alone by themselves, to be alone in themselves, and to think at all. They have sold out to non-stop technological distraction. It is The Machine that dominates and rules their lives, not they themselves (self-illusion/delusion).

These people are ‘not really there’ in the natural present moment, the natural here-and-now. They do not control their own lives and kid themselves that they are the great masters of technology in their lives. Furthermore, the sleepers lack depth, sincerity, interest, substance, deeper values, and meaningful, purposeful lives. They are as dumb, shallow and machine-ish as their ‘smart’phones. They are largely divorced from Nature, too.

No, the Apocalypse arrived in the 2010s and there were relatively few voices that said “No”, who put up any resistance, who didn’t cave in, or have enough autonomy to resist zombie slavery. The great Average today is very low, ill-informed, dumbed-down, mentally limited with little knowledge of any major consequential value. These folks generally chose the easy, lazy, slavish ramp off the so-called Information Highway that started the new millennium. And they are confidently blissful about their mindless limitedness and sleep unconsciously thru the troubles and problems of their society and the world at large. They are, in reality, Tennyson’s modern “Lotus-eaters”, especially in Canada now that ‘soma’ (pot) is readily available thanks to a major lapse in uplifting values and social moral irresponsibility toward society on the part of stupid, selfish, greedy Trudeau.

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