The World Is in Other Hands

again this morning as an asteroid whizzes past Earth about 11:20 am (our time) between us and the Moon. How could anyone conclude otherwise?

The Earth has long been a tentative exercise at best and has been lucky thusfar on a cosmic scale. People kid themselves if they dwell in the illusion that everything might not come to The End within a few short helpless hours despite all our brave new technology. Many of us dwell in doubt-less, blitheful, ignorant joy. And why should that be any different given the human penchant for hope and optimism, even in the darkest of human circumstances?

If there’s one thing human beings have it is Choice. We can choose to see the glass as half-full if we wish. There is a lot to be thankful and grateful for, and much to be appreciated. If there is something we can all control, it is our choices even when they themselves are very limited. We can always choose how we will respond to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. But…

As in this morning, the reality remains that our fates are often in other hands especially in big picture views and contexts of Nature and physics well beyond our/mortal control. To say nothing of, simply stated, the fact of universal Death. As one of my doctors used to say, “We are all going to die. Some of us today, some tomorrow; some next week, some years from now.”

(Above image:”In the midst of life…”, ¬†found art by RD)

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